First in Math®
For decades, First in Math® has been at the forefront of educating our youth in mathematics through fun, online games that challenge and reward students for practicing math.

Every day this powerful, engaging program is used by hundreds of thousands of students and their teachers. Over the past two years, we are proud to have filmed schools for their monumental achievements, and have created over 40 tutorial videos to help students and educators around the world use First in Math®.
Spring 2019 - present
Video production
> Software tutorials
> Gameplay tutorials
> School showcases
> Shout outs from the owner

Social media management
> Organic posting & engagement
> Graphic & motion design
> Contest engagement
> Custom gameplay content
> Paid advertising campaigns

Email Marketing
> Software info dissemination
> Product sales promotion

For nearly two decades, First in Math® has impacted student math fluency in school districts around the world. With the program’s continued growth, Robert Sun, owner and creator of the world renowned 24® Game, approached us with their difficulty of educating users on the functions of the program, in a concise way. 

With new games, features and other updates to the First in Math® program, our focus was to create content that kept educators engaged and ahead of the curve. Input from numerous (and very busy!) teachers taught us that a series of short, simple tutorial videos would be ideal.

Typically this information was presented in a 60 to 90 minute professional development seminar. Now, instead of taking an entire afternoon (or worse, an evening!), these bite-sized videos would be quick & easy to absorb on a prep-period or morning set-up!

This library of tutorial videos for students, teachers, administrators, and parents is still growing. We are constantly learning how video and digital media can be used to empower educators and help students live, love and learn math. 

Below are a few videos we are proud to have created over the past two years. Throughout this school year, 2021-2022, we are excited at the opportunity to create more content than ever before, as our team takes on the responsibility of the First in Math® social media pages and email campaigns.

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