"I'd give anything to hear my Mother and Father tell their story."

Preserve your family's legacy forever in cinematic beauty.
Intimate conversations filmed with your loved ones reflecting on life.

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I never want to forget the people I love...

I never want to forget the people who created me. The people who raised me.

Last year, a close family member introduced themselves to me, several times, after sharing dinners together, giving each other warm hugs, and celebrating birthdays.

I realized the sad truth, that Dementia, and memory-loss diseases like Alzheimer's, not only hurt the person suffering from it, but everyone else in their life.

We remember our loved ones by their stories... their memories... their words.

Earlier this year, I filmed an hour-long conversation with my grandparents - better known as my Nana & Pappy.

We laughed and cried about everything... from their first born, to their first beer.

At the end of it, I knew this was something I would cherish forever. Not only for the amazing stories, but just to watch my Pappy laugh, or to hear my Nana say, "I love you."

Those little moments are more than stories. Those moments bring me true peace and happiness. They keep me feeling whole and loved, and I wouldn't trade those words for the world.

As a passionate storyteller & filmmaker, my dream is to help create these videos for families everywhere. To help keep that sense of peace, love and happiness close to your heart and soul.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the vision of Family Room Films. I am so excited to meet you, your loved ones, and hear of the stories that have shaped your lives.

Ryan Walsh
Co-founder, Family Room Films

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